Dr. Pedro Faveret Cirurgia Plástica

Laura Larsem,  London,  England

On 3rd of September I had a facelift with doctor Pedro Faveret. When I went to the consultation,  he explained to me and my brother in law ( who kindly accompanied me) in a simple and thorough way what was going to happen before and after the surgery and what to expect from the facelift. He told us that I was in the right age range to get a good result from it. After that consultation,  I felt confident in doing the procedure.

Well, today is two months after the facelift and the results are great! My face is still a little  bit swollen and numb close to the ears, which I am told is normal at this point.  I can now see how successful my procedure was.

Dr Pedro’s looked after me very well after the surgery, he was caring and impeccable as a professional and as a person.

I am very greatfull with the  results of my facelift!

It was the right decision!

It was the right choice of doctor!

I fell very confortable in recommending him as a plastic surgeon to whoever ask me.


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